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For further information on any of our services, please use the contact page.​

IT Consultancy

An effective IT strategy can help you gain “competitive advantage” and also increase and maintain your chance of business success. Evolve Solutions positions itself to help businesses with their IT strategy via our in-house IT Consultancy service by ensuring that the IT systems that are implemented today are not redundant tomorrow or a quick fix, makeshift solution that only works short-term. The overall costs to you when getting this wrong is enormous, and is why any business, whether SME or PLC should avoid this at all costs.

Network Cabling

Our Network Cabling installations are undertaken to the highest standards, and our experienced onsite engineers ensure that the entire cabling installation is fully tested before it is completed for your approval and sign off. Our work is certified and we provide an after-sales contract agreement tailored to fully satisfy your needs and of course budget. Dedicated and qualified engineers are appointed to each account, so that you always deal with a contact who is fully informed about your site and your network installation.

IT Support

Communications and IT services for any sized business is core to the productivity of the company. If staff are unable to use the computer applications efficiently; if email or network servers fail; or if support is not received in time, then the performance of the company suffers.


Evolve can provide IT outsourcing services and a full range of supplementary services so we can provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for the technology needs of a business.

Hardware and Software Procurement

Often you know what you need to achieve from your IT infrastructure but without the specialist IT knowledge and time to shop around it can be difficult to determine exactly what you need and where to source it from.
Evolve can provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ supplying all your hardware and software needs. We can supply a range of the leading manufacturer's products to our clients from desktop and server hardware through to Enterprise level software.

Telephone Systems

The move towards voice and data convergence is revolutionising telephony. Phone solutions that were just for large corporates have now become affordable for small and medium sized businesses.


If you are a small or medium sized business looking for a flexible system that will grow with your needs, or a Call Centre with complex call queuing and monitoring requirements, we offer a range of products to meet these criteria.


To find out more about our range of Telecoms solutions, please contact us.

Network Design & Security

Network Security should be a concern for any business especially within the Small, Medium & Enterprise market place. With our every increasing emphasis and dependency on email, remote and home working, satellite offices and use of mobile devices such as the Blackberry and iPhone this will only ever increase.


Network Security is not just as easy as switching your PCs off every night. Evolve Solutions can help you secure your business and IT Network from both external and internal security threats such as Viruses, Worms, Malware and IP Spoofing to name just a few areas.

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